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William L. Nitterhouse manufactured his first piece of concrete in 1923. It was the beginning of a company that’s still serving the Mid-Atlantic region five generations later. Nitterhouse Masonry remains a family owned, family operated company that offers a selection of high-quality products that represent the latest in technology and the best in engineering excellence.

What inspired William L. Nitterhouse to go into business for himself? After working all day laying brick, he decided he could provide the best in quality products and customer service, and so he began making his own brick at night. His commitment to quality and service excellence helped his business grow and thrive. He was later succeeded by T.K. Nitterhouse, William K. Nitterhouse and now Karen Nitterhouse Diller.

Business took off in the 1990s, when annual production of conventional and specialty block products first exceeded capacity. At that point, Nitterhouse Masonry Products was formed as a separate company that would handle all block production, as well as architectural brick and a range of hardscape products.

The Nitterhouse brand is now transitioning to its fifth generation, as Matt Diller begins to head up the Precast Systems company. This company produces a wet-cast veneer stone product line known as Handcrafted Veneer Stone, as well as other precast products. Laura Diller is also part of the Nitterhouse team, handling marketing and social media.

Through the generations and through decades of offering the latest in industrial, commercial and residential building materials to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Nitterhouse Masonry Products remains committed to quality in everything we do. The same spirit with which William L. Nitterhouse began the company in 1923 is the same spirit that sustains us more than 90 years later.

Today, we serve our customers with a range of products that allows us to be the go-to source for contractors, construction companies and others in the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, region. In our selection, you’ll find architectural concrete block, brick, veneer stone, pavers and paving stones, retaining walls, hardscape products, specialty products, site amenities, natural stone and much more.

The process we use to create these products promotes the highest standards of quality. We make it a point to take pride in each block, paver and stone that emerges from our manufacturing center. This emphasis on quality at the most detailed level of our business helps create quality results for your project, whether it be industrial, commercial or residential. Quality was the hallmark of Nitterhouse’s founding in 1923, and it remains the hallmark of our company today.

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